working from home with eero.

bamboo outdoor sofa with black and white upholstery. / sfgirlbybay

as you know, i recently turned my home office into a guest bedroom. and while i have admitted to missing my desk area just a bit, it’s been a fun and freeing experience for the most part. i love popping open my laptop to work whenever inspiration strikes. sometimes this means working from the comfort of my bed (warning: this requires a lot of self-control, as the urge to nap is strong!), or from my living room sofa or daybed — on the off chance that lucy isn’t hogging it. and sometimes, especially when it’s not too hot, i’ll work from my backyard in the patio dining area or even my front porch, when i want to take in one of our magical california sunsets.

hanging bamboo chair on outdoor patio. / sfgirlbybayoutdoor patio decor. / sfgirlbybay

with all this moving around, i need reliable, strong wifi that works well from every corner of my home, as well as, my beloved outdoor areas — which isn’t always the case! i hate when i’m all settled in and can’t get a signal, or worse, start working and then lose service for whatever reason and lose all my work! so when eero asked me to swap my old router for their new WiFi system, I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade!

eero wireless home wifi. / sfgirlbybayeero wifi at home. / sfgirlbybay

with eero, instead of trying to hide one of those boxy, black WiFi routers with all the blinking lights and antennas sticking out, a mesh WiFi network is created in your home using sleek, simply designed devices that blend in with your decor and blanket every nook and cranny of your home in fast, reliable WiFi. and as someone who really dreads setting up new gadgets, i loved how easy it was to get my network up and running. the eero smartphone app walked me through it and now i can use my iphone to change my settings, set up a guest network for folks staying in my lovely new guest room, and easily share my WiFi password via email or text message — which is also really nice for when i’m hosting my fellow blogger friends for a party and everyone’s using my network to Instagram all the fun!

eero wifi in kitchen. / sfgirlbybayworking outside on my back patio. / sfgirlbybayeero home wifi system. / sfgirlbybay

so far, my experience with eero has been totally headache free and a real game-changer compared to the service i was getting with my old set-up. their easy to use technology and clean design allows your wiFi to fade into the decor background so you can focus on the things you love. plus, your system automatically updates its software each month, all on its own, so you’re always getting cutting edge service, maintenance-free! check them out and use promo code SFGIRL for free overnight shipping.

eero wifi for my guest bedroom. / sfgirlbybayworking on my laptop in my bedroom. / sfgirlbybay

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collect not clutter.

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i’m feeling much more zen today, so thank you for all the positive comments yesterday — i was way down there in those dumps! but what also makes me feel better, besides your trusty companionship here on the blog, is cleaning out the cobwebs — literally and figuratively. i’ve been sorting through my belongings and trying to declutter – a lot! it’s a difficult task for me, because i love collecting lovely things, but one can only own so many beautiful objects and those we do own should be sentimental and shared lovingly — maybe in a special display case or a prominently on a shelf for all to gander. they should also be displayed in a cohesive collection as to not look cluttered — “like objects” with their mates, so to speak. i think these images give us a great example to live up to. collections so pretty, but not in the least bit cluttered, so on with my purge!

neutral ceramics on white shelf. / sfgirlbybay gray built-in cabinet with ceramic dishware. / sfgirlbybay ceramic dishware. / sfgirlbybay inspiring collections. / sfgirlbybay inspiring kitchen accessories / sfgirlbybay curated collection of knick knacks. / sfgirlbybay ceramic vases on drying racks. / sfgirlbybay black cabinet with white ceramic dishes. / sfgirlbybay kitchen with vintage dishware and accessories. / sfgirlbybay large black cabinet with glass doors and curated collection of decor inside. / sfgirlbybay curated collection of eclectic dishes and kitchen accessories. / sfgirlbybay inspiring collections of ceramic dishes. / sfgirlbybay neutral wall decor. / sfgirlbybay curated collection of vintage mirrors. / sfgirlbybay black cabinet with curated decor. / sfgirlbybay inspiring neutral kitchen decor. / sfgirlbybay

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anywhere but here.

pink vintage patio chairs. / sfgirlbybay

ugh. am i ever in a mood today. i don’t usually share too much here when i’m in a funk or down, but honestly, i just don’t have it in me this sunday to write another inspiring post for monday. i’ve tried and tried and sometimes i just get stuck creatively and today is one of those days. i’m feeling a little depressed so when that happens it can be tough to rally and bring you guys what you deserve — some interesting and pretty content. i am just in a state and probably not for any particular reason other than it’s been kind of a lonesome weekend — that kind where you want to be anywhere but here, so let’s go elsewhere together, shall we? let’s go somewhere pretty in pink.

pink patio retaining walls. / sfgirlbybayinspiring outdoor patio decor. / sfgirlbybaypink and green patio inspiration. / sfgirlbybayinspiring patio decor. / sfgirlbybaysandy beach with pink and orange furniture. / sfgirlbybay

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botanical light-filled loft.

light locations loft. / sfgirlbybay

well, if this isn’t one of the dreamiest photo shoot locations i’ve ever seen, i just don’t know what! light locations nails it again with a green thumb’s paradise — their stunning botanical space is located in the Tram Depot in Clapton, East London — 2,000 square feet of plant-infused loft-like living space. i don’t know who maintains this green garden but they do an amazing job of it, and those spider plants are on point! with an open light-filled living space and charming little kitchen, the double doors open out to courtyard garden area that’s pretty darn dreamy, too.

green plants in loft with white walls. / sfgirlbybay plant-filled loft in london. / sfgirlbybay green plants in loft. / sfgirlbybay hanging plants in london light locations loft. / sfgirlbybay disco balls and hanging plants in london loft. / sfgirlbybay black kitchen white walls and green plants. / sfgirlbybay london light locations loft. / sfgirlbybay plant filled light locations loft. / sfgirlbybay sliding white barn door in loft. / sfgirlbybay plant-filled loft in london. / sfgirlbybaylondon light locations loft. / sfgirlbybay green plants on green table in courtyard. / sfgirlbybay light locations plant-filled courtyard. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of light locations.

friday finds.

friday finds. / sfgirlbybay

a warm welcome to the weekend, friends! i hope you’ve got some fun plans, and perhaps a little relaxing downtime scheduled, too. i adore my vintage daybed for reading and dozing — there’s something so inviting about them — they just beckon you to lay down! i have some scoop about that daybed of mine coming soon, but in the meantime, i thought i’d share some loungey friday finds with you. from cozy built-in nooks to free standing daybeds, it’s time for some r & r. enjoy your weekend! xo, victoria

  1. i wish more coffee shops had built-in nooks — i’d spend more time working outside my home, and more time curled up with my laptop in a sweet spot like this.
  2. this is a zen-looking built-in nook, too. so simple and yet so stylish with everything one needs to relax.
  3. i love the styling of this daybed with all the mismatched pillows and a soft sheepskin thrown in for warmth and layering.
  4. i’m really into the idea of these thin mattress-like quilts — i need to make something like this for my daybed.
  5. pretty in pink upholstery, right? this built-in looks sleek and smart with addition of perfectly upholstered box cushions and a few throw pillows. a great use of space, too!
  6. this daybed looks chic, but super comfy and it also looks as though its base was created using metal pipes — a genius idea!
  7. i think this pretty daybed may have been a vintage canvas cot — another very inspirational and inexpensive idea for creating a daybed look. you can find them at elsie green.

neutral decor. / sfgirlbybay daybed nook. / sfgirlbybay inspiring interior decor. / sfgirlbybay modern cot. / sfgirlbybay built-in bench with pad and pillows. / sfgirlbybay low daybed. / sfgirlbybay loungey friday finds. / sfgirlbybay